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Auto Controlling Technology
what is ACT

ACT (auto controlling technology)

is the radical wearable device worn

on the thumb that boosts your

social performance.

mission + vision

the virtual space is constantly shifting with an influx of the good and the bad. ACT’s mission is to increase the efficiency of interactions.


with the most advanced artificial intelligence, ACT studies your behavior and habits, rectifies and improves your social presence, and reduces time wastage while tackling difficult situations online.


helps with

∙ email responses

∙ product reviews

∙ social media commenting

∙ social networking service response


How it works

the smart ring on your thumb

with an analytics suite based on machine learning, raw data, and studied behavior patterns, ACT reshapes your data into a service that provides predictive, precise, personalized, and actionable insight. it pairs perfectly with the muscle control components to free your body and mind.

reliable personal assistant

ACT gets better the more you use it.  

by simply being worn, the ring gets to know you by studying your behaviors. once synced with your personal information and real-time stats, ACT automatically organizes and analyzes your surroundings, and helps you make the best choice.

artificial intelligence
movement control

key features

facial recognition
motion tracking
wireless syncing
with ACT, you can

elevate your social networking efficiency, improve your online presence


why ACT now

social calls

online social behavior regulations are getting more complicated by the day.

ACT helps navigate

them easily.

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rich experience

having been tested and iterated through rigorous rounds, ACT is a certified device to make your life much better.

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other competitors

other companies have similar functionalities, but nothing beats our exclusive muscle control gear. ACT gives you complete authorship for social interaction.

see the difference

why make it wearable





= approachable





ACT is a smart wearable device

that helps people perform better in virtual communication environments. it's a personal assistant that learns your communication habits.


the intuitive mechanism employs advanced muscle control to move your fingers around the screen. wear it just like a fashionable accessory, wherever and whenever you want.


ACT cultivates safe and healthy communication habits for you, and builds a trustworthy relationship between you and your technology


ACT has been tested and proven, and it's ready for you! sign up to join the communication revolution:

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984 east street, DPRC

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